Child population by race and ethnicity in New Hampshire

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While New Hampshire has dramatically lower racial diversity than observed across the nation, the trends in New Hampshire mirror those across the United States: the child population is more racially and ethnically diverse than the adult population. The state as a whole was 92.8 percent white in 2021. An estimated 13.87% of children under 5 in New Hampshire were non-white in 2021; 13.72% of children 5 to 9 were non-white, 14% of children 10 to 14 were non-white, and 12.05% of children 15 to 17 were non-white. Seniors over age 65, on the other hand, were just 3.83% non-white.

Racial and ethnic diversity also varies dramatically across the state. The least diverse county in the state in 2021 was Sullivan, where 94.4% of children are white, while in Hillsborough—home of New Hampshire’s two largest cities, Manchester and Nashua—79.7% of children were white in 2021. 
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Definitions: Child population (aged 17 and under) by race and ethnicity by county.

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Table S0901, 5 year estimates, 2016-2021

Footnotes: Data for Coos County is not available.