Family structure among families with children under age 18 in New Hampshire

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A large body of literature on family structure and child wellbeing documents the disadvantages confronted by children growing up in single-parent families (Hair et al. 2015 and Ratcliffe 2015). It is also worth noting, however, that many of the challenges faced by children in single-parent families are complicated by other factors that co-occur with single-parenthood, like lack of economic resources or time.
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Definitions: Family structure (married-couple family, single-father family, and single-mother family) among families with children under age 18 by county. 

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2016), American Community Survey, Table B11003, Family Type by Presence and Age of Own Children Under 18 Years, 5 Year Estimates, 2019-2021

Footnotes: Updated February 2023.