Children alleged to be victims of abuse or neglect by investigation finding in Louisiana

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Definitions: number - the number of children for whom a report of abuse or neglect was made and investigated, by the outcome of the investigation
percent- the percentage of alleged victims whose cases were determined to be valid, not valid or other (which includes Client Non-Cooperation, Inconclusive, Pending or Unable to Locate)

Data Source: Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, by special request

Footnotes: The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services web site offers more information on the child protection investigation process. 

Child welfare data is reported according to the location of the DCFS office through which the case is handled. Some parishes do not have a DCFS office that handles child welfare cases, and children in those parishes are served by offices in the nearest parish. Geographies reported here reflect instances in which one parish office serves children in multiple parishes (e.g. Jefferson Parish's offices also serve children in Plaquemines and St. Bernard).

2019-2020 data does not include any investigations considered to be ongoing, and are therefore subject to change.

n.a. - data for "other" outcomes was not included in datasets prior to 2018. 

LNE (low number event) - instances where there was at least one event, but fewer than 5.