Rate of unique children with substantiated child maltreatment by race in Alaska

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Definitions: Unduplicated counts of substantiated maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental injury, neglect) toward unique children per 1,000 children by race.
Rates are calculated using Alaska Department of Labor population estimates for the denominator.
Substantiations are reports in which OCS has concluded that the allegation of maltreatment or risk of maltreatment was supported or founded by State law or policy.  This is the highest level of finding by OCS. Years and age ranges are based on date of incident.

Data Source: Alaska Office of Children's Services (OCS), Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, 2008-2016.
The Office of Children's Services child maltreatment data have been compiled by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Section of Women's, Children's, and Family Health, Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Unit. Data are available by counts of unique children reported by year, counts of all reports by year, and rates of unique children reported by year. Children may be reported multiple times when aggregating years.


Footnotes: The temporarily low rate of substantiation in Anchorage prior to 2015 was due to how a specific manager interpreted policy. The numbers have evened out since that manager left and a new policy now includes harm or threatened thereby. Recent substantiation rates in Anchorage are considered more accurate than those between 2011 and 2014.

Updated July 2018