Uninsured children in Maryland

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Definitions: Number and percent of people under age 19 who are uninsured.

SAHIE uses the American Community Survey (ACS) definition of insured: Is this person CURRENTLY covered by any of the following types of health insurance or health coverage plans? 

  • Insurance through a current or former employer or union (of this person or another family member)
  • Insurance purchased directly from an insurance company (by this person or another family member)
  • Medicare, for people 65 and older, or people with certain disabilities (Note: SAHIE does not report insurance rates for people over 65 since over 98% of people over the age of 65 are insured) 
  • Medicaid, Medical Assistance, or any kind of government-assistance plan for those with low incomes or a disability 
  • TRICARE or other military health care
  • Indian Health Services
  • VA (including those who have ever used or enrolled for VA health care)
  • Any other type of health insurance or health coverage plan (user specified)

Data Source: Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE)

Footnotes: For information on the policy implications, click here.