Foster Care Re-Entry - Reunifications and children who re-entered within 12 months of reunification in Pennsylvania

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Definitions: This indicator shows the number and percent of children who were discharged to reunification with their parents or other relatives before their 18th birthday in a 12-month period and re-entered foster care in less than 12 months following their reunification.  Young adults up to age 21 are counted as a re-entry if the initial discharge was before they turned 18, and reunified with their parents or other relatives.

Data Source: AFCARS Longitudinal File prepared for Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families by Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc.

Footnotes: The data system does not allow the capture of enough information on children discharged from care who re-entered foster care within the first year to determine whether that discharge was a reunification to parents or relatives or discharge for another reason.  This may result in an over-reporting of reunifications and subsequent re-entries.

Some counties may also have an overcount of re-entries because of nuances of their billing systems.

Updated December 2018.