Juvenile detention admissions in Illinois

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Juvenile detention admissions

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Definitions: Children ages 10-17 per 1,000 population in juvenile detention, defined as the temporary care of a minor alleged or adjudicated as delinquent who requires secure custody for his or her own or the community’s protection, by county.

Data Source: 2014Present data: Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, Illinois Juvenile Detention Data Report available here. View Table 9 Detention Admission by Authorizing County, #, % of State Total and Figure 18 & 19 Rate of Detention Admissions by Illinois Youth Population Age 10-17 by Authorizing County. 

Footnotes: Data from the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission and the Center for Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois includes a category called "Other," which is not included here in the Data Center. They note, "'Other' includes Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ), Federal Marshall, and Out-of-State admissions. There may be instances in which some Illinois youth are detained in detention facilities outside of Illinois even though the delinquent behavior (or alleged delinquent behavior) occurred in Illinois. When this occurs, these data are not entered into JMIS."