Short term suspensions by race in Virginia

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Why This Indicator Matters

Implicit bias may influence educators’ perceptions of student behavior, even with the best intentions. As a result, some students are more likely to be disciplined than others, even for the same transgression.

African-American students are more likely to get suspended in Virginia than their White peers. There may be several reasons for why this is true, but it is likely that systems-level influences (such as school or division policies) impact discipline procedures, and individual student behavior of any one race does not drive suspensions alone. 
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Note: Non-consecutive years appear adjacent in the trend line
because one or more years have been deselected.

Definitions: Williamsburg data is included in James City County.

* Numbers less than 10 are suppressed.

The percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of offenders of a certain race by the total number of students of that race for each locality.
For example: X Hispanic offenders/Y Hispanic students = Z% Hispanics suspended

AY refers to academic year.

Footnotes: Last updated: January 2019