Foster Care - September 30 snapshot by placement goal in Pennsylvania

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Why This Indicator Matters

It is important to review trends on how the state is ensuring that children in out-of-home care are moving towards exiting with a family-based permanency goal and plan. Family-based goals, such as reunification and adoption continue to be the most utilized primary goals, rather than less ideal non-family based goals, such as long-term foster care and emancipation. Children who exit care to family-based settings are more likely to experience stability and positive long-term outcomes.
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Note: Non-consecutive years appear adjacent in the trend line
because one or more years have been deselected.

Definitions: The number and percent of children in foster care on any given day (9/30) by latest primary placement goal.

Data Source: PPC analysis of AFCARS longitudinal file produced by Public Consulting Group for Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families.

Footnotes: Updated July 2019.