Children Enrolled in Public Health Care Programs in Ohio

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Definitions: The percentage of children receiving health insurance at some point during the year through Medicaid or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), called Healthy Start and Healthy Families. 

Data Source: Public Health Care: Ohio Department of Medicaid data request, number of children enrolled in public health care (Medicaid or SCHIP), SFY 2015. Calculations by CDF-Ohio. 

Child population: 2015 U.S. Census Population Estimates (PEP) for under 18 population.

Footnotes: The statewide total is an unduplicated count.  County totals are the number of children enrolled through that county; children may be enrolled through more than one county in a year.  

The percent is calculated by dividing the number of children under age 18 enrolled in publicly funded health care by the child population for that year. (Calculations by CDF-Ohio.)