Teen dropouts, age 16-19 in the Virgin Islands

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Teen dropouts, age 16-19

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Definitions: The percentage of teens ages 16 to 19 who are not enrolled in school and are not high school graduates.

Data Source: V.I. Department of Education and the V.I. Community Survey. Table 4-1

Footnotes: The V.I. Department of Education reports total school dropouts age 16-19. The VICS provides data on all teens age 16-19 who report no longer being enrolled in school, having attained less than the 6th or 9th grade level.

After the year 2000, U.S.V.I. data reported at the territorial level only, not by island.

N/A - data is not available

Precise data for 2003 is unavailable due to changes in reporting in the VI Community Survey. An estimated 9.1% of youth age 16-19 (575 youth) are not enrolled in primary or secondary school, college or any type of vocational training program; however, the number of high school or college graduates is unknown.