Public Preschool Enrollment

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Why This Indicator Matters

Access to high-quality preschool can enrich children's development so that they thrive in school and later enter the workforce as well-prepared employees. Public preschool is an optional program and the decision to offer a four-year-old program is made by school boards at the local level. Some areas of the state serve the majority of their four year olds through public preschool, where other areas serve a small percentage. 
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Data Provided By Maine Children's Alliance
Note: Non-consecutive years appear adjacent in the trend line
because one or more years have been deselected.

Definitions: The number and percent of four year old children enrolled in a four year old program offered through a school administrative unit. Children must be four years of age by October 15 of the entering school year in order to be eligible for a public preschool program. 

Data Source: Maine Department of Education, Public School Resident Enrollment

Footnotes: Data represent school years. Year indicated is the fall term of the year, such that "2016" data represent 2016-2017 school year.