Child care assistance recipients ages 0 to 13 in North Dakota

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Definitions: This indicator represents the number of children ages 0 through 13 whose families receive North Dakota Child Care Assistance. The purpose of the Child Care Assistance Program is to help with child care costs for low-income families while they are working or participating in allowable training or allowable education programs. For eligible families, the North Dakota Department of Human Services pays a percentage of their child-care bill determined by using a sliding fee scale. Payment is made directly to the child care provider.

The denominator for the percentage is the total child population ages 0 through 13 in respective geographic areas.

Data Source: Numerator: North Dakota Department of Human Services, Decision Support Services,
Denominator: U.S. Census Bureau, Decennial Census and Intercensal estimates which are obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, "U.S. Census Populations With Bridged Race Categories," 

Footnotes: GEOGRAPHY: Data reflect place of residence.  DATE: Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30).