Preventable Teen Deaths (15-19) in Connecticut

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2010), teenage mortality is a major public health issue because most of the deaths among teenagers are due to external causes that include, but are not limited to, accident, homicide, and suicide. 
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Preventable Teen Deaths (15-19)

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The total number of preventable deaths among teens between the ages of 15 and 19 are reported within five-year periods by town or county. 

Data Source: Connecticut Department of Public Health, unpublished data, SFYs 1997–2011; U.S. Census Bureau, 1990 Census, Summary File 1, Table P011 – Age; U.S. Census, 2000 Census, Summary File 1, Table P12 – Sex by Age, Total Population.

Footnotes: Rates per 100,000 teens are calculated as the number of preventable deaths of teens, divided by the total number of teens in this age group, then multiplied by 100,000. The total number of teens age 15 to 19 is estimated by applying the 1990 or 2000 Census proportions to the population estimates from the Connecticut Department of Public Health for those years. 

The number of teen deaths each year in most towns is too small to calculate to obtain a valid rate each year.  For events with small numbers and for reasons of confidentiality, it is important that rates be calculated using a five-year time period. Counts fewer than 6 - excluding zeroes - are suppressed. Rates for towns in which fewer than 5 teens died are not calculated because of the unreliability of calculations based on small numbers.

NA = Not Available
* =  Suppressed count
a = Suppressed rate