Teen drivers in fatal crashes by individual age in Delaware

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As children age, they encounter new environments and challenges that pose new risks to their safety. Teenagers are significantly more likely to die from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents and firearms than children of younger ages.

Since enacting the Graduated Driver's Licensing Program (GDL) on July 1, 1999, Delaware has experienced a significant decrease in the number of motor vehicle crashes involving teens ages 16 to 19. According to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles, Delaware's GDL program includes all three levels recommended by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Energy and Transportation Program. Level 1 involves obtaining a learner's permit and requires supervised driving at all times for six months. Level 2, reached six months after the issuance of a Level 1 learner's permit, involves limited unsupervised driving and passenger restrictions. After twelve months of driving experience with a learner's permit, a Level 3 license, full licensure with unrestricted privileges, can be obtained.
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Definitions: Drivers (Licensed in Delaware) Involved in Fatal Crashes by Age, Fiscal Year.

Data Source: Delaware State Police


Delaware's "Hands Free" law was implemented in 2010.

Delaware's "Graduated Driver's Licensing Program" was implemented in 1999.

Data last updated 03/2020