Children under age 7 screened for lead poisoning in Louisiana

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According to the Louisiana Department of Health, exposure to lead is "the most significant and widespread environmental hazard for children in Louisiana." There is no safe level of lead for children, and elevated levels can have lifelong impacts on children. Screening is essential to identify and address lead poisoning in young children.
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Definitions: number - the number of children who received a blood test for lead poisoning

percent - the number of children who received a blood test for lead poisoning per 100 children under the age of seven in the population

Data Source: Louisiana Department of Health, Louisiana Healthy Homes and Childhood Lead Prevention Program (LHHCLPPP), by special request
Percentages for 2011 were calculated by Agenda for Children using population estimates available through  "Easy Access to Juvenile Populations: 1990-2019." Available:

Footnotes: Data on the parish in which a child lives was missing for many records, and was thus unreportable. As a result, the statewide data is larger than the sum of the parish-level data.