Federal earned income tax credit in Louisiana

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Federal earned income tax credit

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Definitions: Number - the number of tax returns that resulted in the receipt of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit
Currency - the total value of earned income tax credits received

Data Source: Agenda for Children's analysis of data provided by the Brookings Institution's EITC Interactive data system.

Footnotes: Data for 1997-2008 reflects a full year of tax return data. Beginning with 2009, data reflects tax returns filed between January and June. Beginning with the 2014 tax year, the IRS imposed much more stringent data sanitization requirements on the source Brookings uses to provide this data, the IRS-SPEC ZIP code data, which has led to significant changes in what is available. Specifically, the IRS-SPEC database for Tax Year 2014:

  • Only includes information on returns with adjusted gross incomes (AGI) under $60,000; 
  • Only includes data for ZIP codes that have more than 100 filers with AGIs under $60,000. All other ZIP codes are suppressed;
Note that this indicator reflects the number of tax returns that resulted in the receipt of the EITC, not the number of households or children receiving the EITC. A single household can have multiple tax filers (such as when several unmarried adults share a house). Additionally, some households do not include any tax filers. 

For more EITC data, please visit Brookings' EITC Interactive Data System.