Keystone Exams - Literature test scores by proficiency level in Pennsylvania

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Prior to the implementation of the Keystone Exams, Pennsylvania faced a troubling pattern among its high school graduates. Too many of them - tens of thousands each year - were receiving diplomas despite failing to show proficiency in core subjects like reading and math. In other words, our schools were sending students into a global competition without the skills necessary to succeed – sometimes setting them up for failure they couldn’t see coming. To remedy this situation, the Keystone Exams help ensure Pennsylvania high school students can compete and succeed in the global economy and ensure that a high school diploma is a guarantee that a graduate is ready for the rigors of the workforce or post-secondary education.
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Keystone Exams - Literature test scores by proficiency level

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Definitions: Grade 11 scores are based on the best score to date for the assessment in which the student participated.
Project based assessments are excluded from accountability.

For 2014 -2015, only the results of the Keystone End of Course Assessment results are included.

Data Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education, Assessment and Accountability

Footnotes: LNE = Low Number Event.  Statistics (rates, ratios, percents) are not calculated and displayed for counts less than 10 (or less than 3 for Bayesian/Nearest Neighbor rates). 

Updated October 2020