Well-child visits in Pennsylvania

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Immunizations, screenings, regular dental care, well-child visits and access to nutritious food are all part of ensuring a healthy start for children. Well-child visits are important to ensure up-to-date immunizations in early childhood and should continue into middle childhood and adolescence, when it is especially important for mental and behavioral health assessments including depression screening.
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Well-child visits

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Definitions: These indicators reflect the percent of children who were continuously insured during the measurement year who received the appropriate number of well-child visits – six or more for the first fifteen months and one yearly for all other ages. As noted above, this indicator was derived from a hybrid sampling methodology but the weighted average was computed to reflect the population of all children receiving public health care.

The year represents when PPC published the report.

Data Source: PPC's report, along with source documentation, can be found at http://www.papartnerships.org/work/health/childrens-health-reports.

Footnotes: Updated November 2019.