Children Ages 0-8 Receiving FAP (Food Assistance) in Michigan

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The Michigan Food Assistance Program (FAP), known as SNAP nationally, provides financial assistance to families with low incomes to buy groceries, striving to reduce food insecurity.
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Children Ages 0-8 Receiving FAP (Food Assistance)

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Definitions: The number of children ages 0-8 who are in families active for the Food Assistance Program (FAP) in December. The percent is based on the population of children ages 0-8 in the prior year. Percents are suppressed with an * for counts fewer than 6 to maintain reliability.

Data Source: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Assistance Payments Statistics-Table 68. Special run for Detroit and Flint data.

Footnotes: The percent for Flint, 2015 is not available due to a missing population estimate for Flint, 2015.