Regional planning districts commitments to SD Department of Corrections in South Dakota

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Definitions: The total number of juveniles committed to the Department of Corrections during the reporting period. The figure includes youth who have had multiple petitions committing them to the Department of Corrections with separate dispositional dates during the reporting period. Figures are by county which means the county of record in which the judge conducted the adjudication and dispositional proceedings. It can be county of residence or the county where the offense occurred.

Data Source: Court Services Department of the South Dakota Unified Judicial System -
Data are for State Fiscal Year.

Footnotes: Judges do not place youth in specific facilities or programs pursuant to a Dispositional Order. They commit youth to the Department of Corrections and the Department of Corrections places the youth in a juvenile corrections facility, residential treatment facility, group care facility, or foster care.

Updated 26 August 2019

Percentages are based on children age 10 to 17.