Averaged Freshman Graduation Rates in Kentucky

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Averaged Freshman Graduation Rates

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Definitions: Number and rate of students graduating within four years of entering high school, and graduation in more than four years for students with an Individual Education Plan.

Data Source: Kentucky Department of Education website

Footnotes: Data reflect graduates in spring of given school year. Adhering to national guidelines, the Kentucky Department of Education changed the methodology of calculating the high school graduation rate to the Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate (AFGR) formula beginning with school year 2009/10, but also retroactively calculated the AFGR for some prior school years. Rate calculation example for class of 2010 = ((The number of graduates with a diploma in four years + number of graduates with I.E.P. in four or more years)/(Number of 9th graders in SY 2006-2007 + Number of 10th graders in SY 2007-2008 divided by 2) x 100)). Since the AFGR formula assumes consistent student membership over time, districts with a rate of 100 did not necessarily have all students of a particular cohort graduate on time. A gain in the student population positively inflates the graduation rate, while a loss in student population negatively impacts the rate calculation. 

* = No high school in the district.
** = District merged with county school district.

Updated on 4/3/2013