Youth offense referrals resulting in non-adjudicatory actions in South Dakota

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Youth offense referrals resulting in non-adjudicatory actions

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Definitions: These figures represents the number of youth under eighteen years of age who are referred to the Unified Judicial System (UJS) by the states attorneys for an informal diversion, or are adjudicatory actions that have been dismissed. Numbers are for the county in which apprehension took place and represent the number of cases rather than individuals. In other words, if a child was referred to UJS for several different offenses, he or she would be counted several different times.

Data Source: Court Services Department of the South Dakota Unified Judicial System -

Footnotes: UPDATED - August 2021
DATE - Data are for State Fiscal Year.

NA - Data is not reported when there are less than 4 in a matching area, or if the value could be used to calculate another suppressed value.
NOTE - Non-adjudicated means to refer the case to a court services department for a 90-day action (informal adjustment, i.e. refer the case to a private agency approved by the court, for example, alcohol treatment facility or program).