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Andrew Cutting, Program Fellow

Alaska Children's Trust has operated as Alaska’s KIDS COUNT partner since 2016. Kids Count Alaska is part of the Voices for Alaska’s Children program (Voices) at ACT. Voices is a grassroots community movement focused on continually raising awareness of the needs and challenges of children, youth, and families throughout Alaska. Voices is an independent voice for children; it aims to provide a sustainable and impactful system that allows every voice to be heard during advocacy for policies and decisions that support children. The goal of Voices is to help create a normative shift that ensures children and families live in safe, stable and nurturing environments.  Kids Count Alaska is a project that supports the core component of fostering data. Kids Count Alaska is part of the national KIDS COUNT program at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The mission of KIDS COUNT is to ensure child advocates, policymakers, and the public have access to high-quality, unbiased data about child well-being. Kids Count Alaska Economic Well-Being is the first of four reports that will be published  in 2018, you can access the report on the Voices home page.     


Featured Data

Teen birth rate ages 15-19 (5-year average)
Low birth-weight babies (5-year average)
Child death rate 1-14 per 100,000 children (5-year average)
Teen suicide rate 15-19 per 100,000 teens (5-year average)

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Alaska Economic Well-Being