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Michael Crawford, Senior Associate

Featured Data

Preschool for children age three and four has risen eight percent since 2000, increasing in three-fourths of Iowa counties.  Unfortunately, it has leveled the past few years at around 48 percent.
Free or reduced-price lunch eligibility
Eligibility for free or reduced-price lunches has increased 58 percent since 2000.  Increases have been noted in every Iowa county, some more than doubling their rate during this time.
Food assistance
The percentage of individuals receiving financial assistance through the Food Assistance program has increased 184 percent since 2000, with increases in every county.  However, the rate has decreased 11 percent since 2013. 
Child poverty
While child poverty has been rising steadily since 2000 and has increased 35 percent since that time, it has started to drop and has decreased 15 percent since 2011.
Uninsured Children
Iowa has one of the lowest percentages of uninsured children in the country.  The rate has fallen 22 percent in the past four years and has decreased in 60 percent of Iowa counties.