State Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) claims by city and town (“County Subdivision”)

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The EITC improves the economic security of working families by increasing the after tax incomes of low and moderate wage workers. Recent research looks at the long-term effects of the EITC on families and children.



State tax returns including claim for state Earned Income Tax Credit, based on total files claimed.

Number – Number of claimers.

Share – Share of tax filers in each city or town claiming the EITC.

S – Data suppressed due to confidentiality rules at the Dept. of Revenue.

Data Source: Tax Year 2013 Statistics on Earned Income Tax Credit: Credit Claims by Town, Mass. Department of Revenue. Count of All Filers by Town based on preliminary tax year 2013 return data, Mass. Department of Revenue. Data as of April 2015.


Claimant totals include full-time as well as non-resident or part-year resident claimants. State total also include 13 claimants from Devens, as well as 49 claimants who are at unknown or other locations. State totals do not include 34,832 claimants from out of state.

Tax filer totals do not include 561 filers at military or unknown locations, or 447,174 filers from out of state.