Children served by Children's Administration

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Definitions: Number and percent of children under 18 years of age served by the Children's Administration.

Children's Administration services are provided to children and their families and include Adoption and Adoption Support, Child Protective Services (CPS), Child and Family Welfare Services, Family Reconciliation Services (FRS), and Family Voluntary Services.

Data Source: Data for this measure come from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Research and Data Analysis (RDA), Client Services Database which compiles client service and expenditures records from more than 20 of the agency's client record and payment systems. The figures reported here are also referred to as “User rates” in their annual report. Data were retrieved on April 1, 2015 from

S: Data have been suppressed due to low numbers. Data were suppressed if there were less than 10 cases.

Footnotes: Data last updated in April 2015 by Washington KIDS COUNT.

DSHS defines the core areas within the Children's Administration as the following:

"Adoption Services work to permanently place children in DSHS custody with families. Services include permanency planning, adoption preparation, placement supervision, and limited post-adoption services. Adoption Support works to find permanent homes for hard-to-place children from DSHS foster care. These children, because of age, race, physical condition, or emotional health, would not otherwise be placed for adoption. This service eliminates barriers to the adoption of such children by providing financial assistance, medical, counseling and rehabilitative services, and assistance with legal fees for adoption finalization."

"Child Protective Service (CPS) workers provide family services to reduce risk and to maintain children in their own homes. CPS cases are accepted for investigation based on a risk assessment which includes a sufficiency screen for new referrals, an initial risk assignment and response designation, and collateral contacts with key witnesses or information sources. CPS cases receive 24-hour intake, assessment, and emergency intervention services. Ongoing CPS includes direct treatment, coordination and development of community services, legal intervention, and case monitoring."

"Child and Family Welfare Services Case Management (CFWS) is designed to strengthen, supplement, or substitute for parental care and supervision. These services may involve substitute care such as Foster Care or Adoption placements."

"Family Reconciliation Services (FRS) help adolescents, 13-17 years of age and their families, in instances where the adolescent has run away and/or is in conflict with his/her family. FRS includes Intake, Family Assessment, and Crisis Counseling provided by county-contracted counselors."

"Family Voluntary Services Case Management facilitates the transition of the client's case from Child Protective Services to Child and Family Welfare Services."