Median family income (3-year average)

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Median family income (3-year average)

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Given that the median family income shed light of the bottom 50 percent income in families with children under 18 years it gives us a current and valid idea of the challenges these families are facing given the local cost of living.  



Definitions: This median family income data only include households with children under age 18 who meet the U.S. Census Bureau definition of a family. The U. S. Census Bureau defines a family as a household that includes a householder and one or more people living in the same household who are related to the household by birth, marriage or adoption.

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey (3 yrs estimates). June 2015.

Footnotes: The median income value is based in the distribution of the total family income, including those with no income.  NA- means not available.