Children in poverty

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Children in the specified age (i.e., under 5, 5-11, 12-17 and under 18) who live in households with annual incomes below the federal poverty threshold expressed as a percentage of all children in the specified age range.

Data Source:
Bureau of the Census, 2000 Census of Population and Housing, Census Bureau Website, www., Summary File 3, Tables PO87, P159A, P159B, and P159H, Released May, 2002; and U.S. Census Bureau, 2009- 2013 American Community Survey, Census Bureau Website,, Table B17001, B17001A, B17001B, and B17001I, Released December, 2014.

The poverty threshold for a family of four (two adults and two related children under 18) was $17,463 in 2000 and $23,550 in 2013.

Data reported for 2009-2013 represent an average for that five-year period, while the rest of the data reflect single years only.

Different methodologies were used in producing base year versus current-year data for this indicator; hence, caution should be used in making comparisons over these two time periods.