Births to mothers who smoked during pregnancy (single year)

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Births to mothers who smoked during pregnancy (single year)

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Definitions: Number and percent of births to mothers who reported smoking at any point while pregnant.

Data Source: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, processed by the Kentucky State Data Center.

Footnotes: Kentucky switched to the revised birth certificate in 2004, and the new data for this indicator are not comparable with data from prior years. Data are reported by mother’s place of residence, not infant’s place of birth. Data on births to Kentucky residents that occurred in other states using the old birth certificate are not comparable and have been excluded. For cases where the information for this variable was missing, the case was excluded from the total number of live births.
LNE = Rates were not calculated for counties with fewer than 6 occurrences.
Data for 2007-2009 are preliminary.

Updated 12/12/2013